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My name is Jeff Smith, I am a Certified Professional SEO and the owner of Montana SEO Services. I started working with the Internet back in 1994. In 1995 I bought a small internet provider called Montana On-Line which I renamed to Internet Connect Services.

The web was only a year or so old, our primary website, Montana.com was one of the first 50 websites ever built. At that time Google was still 3 years away from going into business. It was a different world and SEO if I can even call it that was really not much more than stuffing a page with keywords, visible and well as invisible. Remember those days when you would get to the bottom of a web page and it would just be paragraphs of keywords. That was “SEO” back then.

Today SEO is an Artful Science

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  has become a very complex world. So complex in fact that it can be hard to grasp what it has really become. Especially if you do not spend all day working in the field.

There is no doubt that SEO is, in many aspects, a science. There are a lot of technical areas, especially when it comes to on-site optimization as well as, Keyword Research and Web Analytics. You also need a good Social Media presence and proper Mobile and Local Optimization.Science and Art

SEO is also an art since great content is so relevant to a website’s users experience and your website’s ranking. In this area, SEO moves away from the more technical work, and into artisan skills. The use of video, great images, and great writing are more important than ever, not only from the users’ standpoint but also when it comes to earning Backlinks and keeping the Search Engines happy.

I’m fortunate to have been able to work in almost all of these areas. Being the past owner and publisher of both the Missoula Independent as well as Montana Living Magazine has given me a deep background in content and design. I also have extensive experience in video, having operated Far West Communications, a Montana based video production company, for almost 10 years. Combined that with my experience as the past owner of Z100 and KYLT radio in Missoula gives me something that I feel, really helps me do my job, a vast knowledge of traditional media combined with my Digital Marketing skills.

However, regardless of my background quality ongoing training is very important. I dedicate about 10 to 15 percent of my time on continuing education. My certifications are an ongoing process and very important to keep up with the almost daily changes as well the current best practices.

All these years of experience and the knowledge gained from that experience give me a skill set that is normally not found in most SEO Professionals.

Montana SEO Services can help sort it all out.

SEO and everything that goes with it really can be difficult to understand. Let me help you make sense of it all and in doing so, help you find the areas within your Digital space that can be made more effective.

For more information please see my Services page.

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