Thorough & easy-to-understand legal advice, and I make house calls!

Need assistance with your legal matters?

The law office of Wendell B. Dunn strives to connect with you to establish your legal goals and craft a solution to attain those goals as quickly and economically as possible.

Piloting “The Legal Liner”, Wendell will drive out to meet with you at a convenient place and time in Montana from Eureka to Missoula, to discuss your legal questions.

Real Estate

Ownership, Landlord/tenant Contracts & Settlements, etc.


Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, Agreements, etc.


Family, Divorce, Wills, Healthcare, Guardianship, etc.

"The Legal Liner" - We Connect With You!

The map on the left is the route we travel to offer specialized legal services to you. You heard right – House Calls are not a thing of the past with us! We will drive out to meet you and solve your legal problems!

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The is the map of the areas Wendell Dunn services
The legal Line. Wendell will gladly meet you along this route.